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Maisto International is a manufacturer, based in California, of a massive array of diecast replicas of automobiles, aircraft, and a number of Tonka products. All products are produced under exact specifications in their factories located in China and Thailand. Their main showrooms are in New York, Hong Kong and Germany. Maisto has an extensive distribution network throughout the world.

Maisto creates 1:12, 1:18, 1:24, 1:25, 1:27, 1:31, 1:43 & 1:64 scale models. The models are based on vehicles that are popular today. In 2005, Maisto acquired the assets of Bburago, another scale model manufacturer who went bankrupt.

In 1992, Maisto started producing cars in 1:64 scale and called them Fresh Metal. These models are aimed at the lower end of the market and do not offer the same level of detail that other die-cast model manufacturers like Hot Wheels and Johnny Lightning do. However, Maisto is quite popular in the market due to the excellent value for money their products offer and because Maisto makes models of several popular cars. One line, which will be detailed on this Wiki, is called "Fresh Metal."

Maisto has a line of die-cast cars called AllStarz, Formerly marketed as Playerz, which feature custom rims, special paint jobs, lowered suspension and upgraded in-car entertainment systems. Another line called Pro Rodz uses the same features - except that the models consist of classic American muscle cars. Both lines are directly in competition with Jada Toys' Dub City and Big Time Muscle lines.

Maisto produce over 1,000 lines which covers models for virtually every different type of vehicle enthusiast.